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How much is shipping and handling by air?

Air shipping for a puppy is $400. This includes airfare, an airline approved crate (yours to keep), pre-departure vet check, and transportation to the airport. We usually fly our puppies out of Des Moines International Airport in order to get the most direct flight for your puppy. Generally travel time from when we drop the puppy off to when you pick it up is approximately 6 hours. 

Shipping by ground is $300 and generally travel time is 2-3 days.  The ground shipping is not stressful for your puppy and your puppy will be delivered to you after having ridden in a temperature controlled vehicle at a safe and common point as close to you as is possible.  We cannot control the time or day that your puppy arrives, as the delivery companies keep their own routes and schedules, and they will be in contact with you personally to set up a drop off and delivery with you.

Why should I buy my puppy from you?

We are dedicated to raising the best puppies possible. This ensures that you, our valued customer, can welcome your puppy into your home as your new family member with a clear mind and joyful heart. We feed our adults the best food, train them, and make sure they are healthy and well-adjusted before we ever breed them. When the puppies are born, we offer your puppy the best start we know how to give them: keeping them with their litters until they are old enough to leave for their new homes, offering a comprehensive vaccination and de-worming schedule, feeding the best food available, and offering them all-important early puppy socialization. We are dedicated to the pet industry. We show our dogs, and most of the dogs we show are from our own breeding program. Those who we choose not to show are then placed for sale as beloved pets. You can be assured that the Italian greyhounds for sale and Dachshund puppies or any puppy you purchase from us is loved, treasured and pre-spoiled before you even get your first snuggle! After that, the future is so bright you'll need to wear sunglasses!

Will my puppy be a show dog?

Many of our dogs are shown and most of our dogs have champion bloodlines. Our puppies are all good representatives of their breed, being sound in mind and body. We do not, however, sell our puppies as show prospects, as it takes a long time and a lot of training to guarantee a show dog. Any dog with the proper registry can be shown in the breed ring as long as it does not have any disqualifying faults, but dogs must conform to the parent club's breed standard. Few puppies born (even to show dogs!) achieve this. If you would like to show your puppy in obedience, agility, or tracking competitions, they are certainly suited to this purpose. Some breeds are naturally more gifted in these areas, but with training and patience, showing your dog in "team sports" (those with the owner and dog working together) can be fun and rewarding for both of you. We strongly urge you to explore the world of dog shows and encourage you and your puppy to participate if you so choose. Please keep us informed of your successes! We love to hear about your achievements. Not every puppy will ever win the Westminster Dog Show, but all of our puppies are guaranteed to win something even more important: Your Heart!

Will shipping be stressful on my puppy?

Shipping by air or ground is not particularly stressful for your puppy.  While we may think of how terrifying it must be to be uprooted from everything and everyone we know and spend travel time in unknown circumstances, puppies just don't think the same way you and I do.  Arriving in a new home is more stressful than getting to a new home.  There is a lot for a puppy to see and experience on their trip to you.  Food and water are available and all times and the puppies are checked and cared for both by airlines and by ground transportation companies.  These people are professional at what they do and the safe delivery of your puppy is their only concern.  We want you to know that we would never put your puppy in a harmful situation.  The only complaint we have about shipping our puppies is that they don't always arrive as fresh and clean as when we sent them to you.  You may need to give them a bath.

Will our puppy get along with our lifestyle? (Kids, house, yard, other pets) 

Picking the perfect puppy is an important decision. Different breeds are suited to different lifestyles. Here are a few things to take into consideration: exercise needs, grooming needs, age of family members, and what activities you want to do with your puppy. For example, if you work out of the home, live in a city high-rise apartment or condo, perhaps you would prefer a dog with low exercise requirements. If you have small children, making sure that you bring a puppy home that is sturdy and well-adjusted will allow your children to enjoy their puppy into their maturity. Puppies can be brought into homes with children as long as they are introduced gradually and firm rules are placed on behavior that will be allowed -- for both the puppy and the other family members. Giving your new puppy its own crate will give it a safe place to go in case other members of the family are too rambunctious or it just needs to nap. We give the same advice to owners of multiple pets who are thinking about bringing home another puppy. 

I work. Can I still have a puppy?

There are as many answers to this question as there are dog and dog owners. We have, at many times in our lives, worked full-time away from home and had both dogs and children. They all have matured well, and are adjusted and productive. In larger cities, there are dog day-care centers that offer exercise, training and supervision while you are at work. You can also give your puppy a bit of extra space (like an exercise pen available from any pet store) and a crate to while away the time you are gone. As long as you are willing to give your new pet the attention and exercise it needs when you are home, there should be no reason while you cannot work and have a loving companion to welcome your home. 

How do I choose the right puppy for my lifestyle?

Each breed of dog has been developed through the ages to fit certain roles. Toy breeds are bred to be companions for their owners. Hounds and Sporting dogs are bred to hunt game. Working dogs have been bred to work for man. Identifying your household needs, and your personal wants and desires (Long coat? Short coat? Long walks? Short walks? No walks?) will help you determine the breed of puppy you choose. Please feel free to contact us either by e-mail or phone at your convenience and let us know what you are looking for in a pet. We'll be happy to make our recommendations.

When can I get my puppy?

We do not allow any of our puppies to leave our home until a minimum of eight weeks of age if being picked up in person and nine weeks if by air transportation. For smaller and more delicate breeds, we often keep puppies a little longer, often until they are 12 weeks or weigh two pounds. This is for their safety. As soon as we are sure that your puppy is big enough to travel, we will eagerly send it to join your family, but we do reserve the right to hold a puppy for additional time if it has not met the weight or maturity requirements we expect. 

When should I take my puppy to the vet?

Before we send any puppy to their new home, we take them to our vet for what we call a "well baby check." This check ensures that your puppy is shipped to you without visible infirmities at the time they leave our home. With our health and genetic guarantee, we require you to take your puppy to the vet within three (3) business days of receiving your puppy. At this visit you will have the opportunity to get your own vet's check-up as well as review the vaccinations your puppy has already received and the ones it will need in the future. In order for our guarantees to be valid, you MUST take your puppy to your vet within three (3) business days of purchase.

What shots are included?

We give our puppies the most comprehensive preventive vaccination and de-worming schedule in the nation. We have the guidance of our veterinarian, as well as some of the best canine specialist in the country. We vaccinate with a single-antigen Parvo vaccine two times. This vaccine overrides the maternal antibodies to allow your puppy to make its own antibodies to the Parvo disease, including both Parvo A and Parvo B strains. We also de-worm with two different products to ensure that parasites do not develop resistance to one wormer. We vaccinate against kennel cough (Bordatella), distemper, measles and adenovirus-2 (an upper respiratory ailment). We have not had any cases of any of the above-mentioned diseases, and our preventive schedule also extends to our adults. We have not, to date, had to treat any of our animals for any communicable diseases, and we constantly strive to control our disease exposure. We take the health of our adult dogs and puppies very seriously so you can confidently bring your new puppy into your home without worry.

Why do I need a health and genetic guarantee?

Since purchasing a puppy is such a big step in your life we recommend that whether you purchase your puppy from New Designs Kennel another private breeder, or from a pet store that there is a health and genetic guarantee. Our guarantee guards against communicable diseases for up to seven (7) days and genetic defects that render the puppy an unfit pet for up to one (1) year. By having a health and genetic guarantee, you as the buyer have a safety net to protect you in case of a problem and us as a breeder so that we may alter our breeding program if problems do arise. 

What is microchipping?

We microchip all puppies we sell. This chip is the size of a grain of rice and contains a unique nine-digit number that will be assigned to your pet. The chip is painlessly inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades (where there are few pain sensors). It cannot be felt by touch, and it can never be removed or lost (like a collar) and will always be able to be traced back to you. You will receive an application that will register the chip in your name with a national registry. You will be able to update your information if you should move or any of your information changes. Most veterinarians and all shelters automatically scan for this type of identification. No animals are euthanized or placed for adoption by shelters if a microchip is detected, and emergency veterinary care is given while the owners are traced and notified. A microchipped animal will also never be accepted by a research facility without a signed statement by the owner of record. We are often asked if there are any side effects to microchipping. There is a study on the Internet that reports a very low incidence of tumors at the injection site. We feel that the benefits of microchipping FAR outweigh any risks that may (or may not) be associated with the procedure. All of our own dogs are also microchipped, and any puppies that we may acquire from outside breeders are also microchipped immediately after they come home if they weren't chipped prior to our bringing them home.

What kind of food should we feed our puppy? How often? 

We feed all of our dogs Iams brand dog food. Talk to your vet at your initial visit to see what foods he recommends. There are other high-quality brands on the market that your vet will be able to suggest. If you do choose to switch brands of dog foods, be sure to mix the old and new foods together for a gradual change. We enclose a sample bag of Royal Canin Puppy Food with you to allow for this process. We allow our puppies to eat whenever they are hungry, and have food and water offered at all times. You can begin to feed your puppy on a schedule if it fits your lifestyle better. We suggest feeding a small puppy many small meals through the day. From eight weeks to four months, feed your puppy four times a day. From four to six months, feed them three times a day. At six months, begin feeding them twice a day and at a year, switch to adult food and feed once a day. If your veterinarian has other feeding suggestions, make sure you follow their advice and use your common sense. If you puppy is getting pudgy, feed him a bit less. Thin? Feed a bit more at each feeding. 

What is litter training?

Many small breeds of dogs can be trained to use a litter box rather than go outside to go potty. Many residents of apartments and high-rises enjoy the comfort and ease of not having to take their puppy to the assigned pet exercise areas (often quite a long way from their residence) and also those who work can leave their puppy with the confidence that the little one will be able to relieve themselves when necessary without improper "messes" in inappropriate places. 

Where should my puppy sleep?

There are a lot of different schools of thought regarding where your puppy should sleep. We strongly encourage you to provide a crate for your puppy to sleep in. By letting your puppy sleep in a crate, it allows your puppy to have a safe and private place for them, and you will have the knowledge that the puppy cannot roam or chew on dangerous or expensive items through the night. Make sure that your puppy has plenty of food, fresh water and exercise. His crate will soon become his own bed, and he will enjoy sleeping there when tired, even when the door is not shut. If you want your puppy to sleep in your bed, that is entirely up to you and whoever may already share your bed. There is no "right or wrong" answer however, as stated above, we do recommend that your puppy sleep in its own bed at least until they are housetrained and past the teething stage so that they do not get into trouble while they are unsupervised.

What's the big deal about early puppy socialization?

When puppies are born, they are blind and deaf. Their eyes and ears do not open until they are almost two weeks old, depending on the breed. That does not mean, however, that they are not taking in information at a rapid rate. Handling puppies from birth gives them the edge to handle training, stress, and new surroundings as they mature. Many professional dog training programs (including the Seeing Eye program and the Schutzhund program) have found that puppies that have been heavily socialized from birth are more easily trained, and retain information for longer periods. The research provided shows that approximately 35% of a dog's potential is genetic, and 65% is environmental. We spend the time necessary to give your puppy the background to be all it can be. 

How often should I bathe my puppy?

Puppies, with their own clean beds, should not require frequent bathing. If you puppy should develop a "doggy" odor, inspect its bedding first. If it should have had an accident, wash the bedding and replace with clean blankets or towels, or whatever you are using for absorbent bedding. If the odor persists, inspect their ears to make sure there is not an infection, their teeth to make sure that food particles have not gotten lodged there, and also to make sure that their skin is clean. If you should discover ear or eye problems, take your puppy to your vet for medication to clear up the problem. If your puppy rolls or steps in something gross and just generally needs to have a wash, use a mild dog shampoo easily obtained from your vet or any pet store. Make sure you rinse them thoroughly after their bath and dry them completely with a towel or blow drier (set on low) before allowing them to go outside to exercise. Do not allow your puppy to become chilled by playing outside when still damp. Puppies should not normally need to be bathed more than once every month or two at the most. 

What are the differences between the different purebred dog registries (AKC, APRI, ACA?) 

There are several different purebred dog registries in the United States at this time. Each guarantees that the puppy you purchase is, indeed, a purebred dog of the breed stated. There are no "right" or "wrong" registries. They all do the same thing: allow you to buy a purebred dog with confidence.

Why shouldn't I feed my dog table scraps?

Dogs are not little humans in fur coats. They are dogs. Dogs are simply not able to eat human food and thrive. Although they will try to convince you that they just have to eat that French fry or they will perish, it is not true. Feeding your dog ONLY dog food, fresh water and dog treats will keep your pet healthy and vibrant through its whole life. Dogs today suffer from the same ailments as their owners: diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, heart disease and cancer. Feeding your dog a balanced diet that is specially formulated for dogs will help to prevent or minimize these diseases. Don't kill your dog with the kindness of table scraps and "junk food."

​What if I can't keep my puppy?

All New Designs Puppies are always welcomed back home at any time and for any reason. We offer a "Forever Home" program where - should you find your life circumstances changing or you can no longer keep your New Designs puppy (no matter how old!) we will ALWAYS welcome them back home. Our ALWAYS HOME program will allow you to always have a place for your puppy or dog to come if you are no longer able to provide for it. We want to make sure that NONE of our dogs or puppies end up homeless and scared at a shelter or rescue. We offer loving re-homing and the assurance to you that your pet will be ALWAYS HOME here with us.

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We always welcome any questions you may have about your puppy. This applies to questions you may have before you receive your new baby as well as after. Our experience as Dachshund breeders and as breeders of many other wonderful puppies allows us to offer a lifetime of "tech support" to make your pet ownership experience the best it can possibly be. The questions found below are questions that really are the most frequent we get from our many satisfied customers. The answers are drawn from from many years of raising, training and showing our own dogs. Read through them carefully. If you still have a question for us - ASK! The only "stupid question" is the one that never gets asked!
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