Italian Greyhounds are amazing pets!  They are intensely loyal,  friendly, emotional, funny and heat-loving.  They will fill your life with puppy games,  puppy snuggles, challenges and enjoyment.  Sometimes hard to housetrain to outdoors because of their thin coats and super-sensitive nature, they willingly use indoor potty places such as litter pans or pee pads when it's too cold or wet for them to go outside.  These magical creatures are exotic, playful and each is unique.  They are just like potato chips - you can't have just one!

Italian Greyhound Puppies are Available!

New Designs Kennel

"Quality Puppies from America's Heartland"
"Quality Puppies from America's Heartland"
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Italian Greyhound Puppies for Sale

We have some exciting new litters to share when they are old enough.  Blues, Blue Fawns, Reds and Seals! Check back in a few weeks for pictures and information.