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The puppies that are shown on the following pages are the result of a breeding program that spans decades.  Feel free to look at all of the babies offered here.  Each picture will have a description by it telling the breed, age, color and name of the puppy.  Please remember to add $275.00 to the puppy of your choice if you will need it shipped to you by air.

Can we come and visit your kennel?

We do not allow any visitors to our home or kennel.  This policy is for the health and well-being of our dogs.  There are those who warn that, if a breeder will not allow you into their facility, they must be "hiding something."  This warning would not be given if those who advocate such visits actually raised dogs!

We have adopted this policy as a result of our experience as Dachshund breeders and having raised large number of dogs.  Our dogs are raised like family.  They live with us, and our puppies are born in our home.  They are socialized and loved and cared for to assure you of a puppy that is sound in mind and body.  Having strangers in our facility could introduce disease, compromise puppies that are not old enough to reach immuno-competency (the age where a puppy can start to produce antibodies on its own) and upset our daily routine.  Dogs thrive on routine and our activities are built around their care and wellbeing.  We will be happy to let you meet our Italian greyhounds for saleShihpoo puppies, or any other puppy prior to purchasing if you wish.  We will meet at a common point and spend all the time necessary to answer every one of your questions.  Our animals' health is our primary concern and we do all we can to give them the best quality care we can provide. 

Would you have it any other way?

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