"ShihPoo" puppies are a  designer-puppy cross of a purebred Shih Tzu and a purebred Toy Poodle.  Our ShihPoo puppies  (also known as Shihpoos, Shih Poos, and Shih-Poos) are friendly, playful and energetic and they make perfect family pets . These puppies are very smart and easily trained.  Being a designer-puppy, they are hypo-allergenic, meaning that they do require daily brushing if their coat is allowed to grow long, or regular trips to the groomers to keep them looking spiffy.   Small enough to be portable, these puppies are large enough to be sturdy and can go anywhere you want to take them.  Their coats come in a variety of colors and markings and tend to change colors as they mature.

No ShihPoo puppies are available at this time.

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