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Cyber-Bullying: The New Lynch Mobs

by Nancy Carlson on 09/04/15

New Designs Kennel is not unfamiliar with the bullying techniques of the radical Animal Rights movement.  We are licensed, which means we are very visible, and we speak out for the rights of people everywhere to breed dogs legally and responsibly.  This means that New Designs Kennel has a large target on our back that the Animal Rights extremists are more than willing to attack.  New Designs Kennel has decided to take back the conversation and let the truth be told instead. 

Some of the accusations levied against New Designs Kennel are:

We do not offer proper veterinary care to their dogs or puppies.
We leaves our dogs out in the elements to suffer.
We leave our dogs in inside in small, cramped cages to suffer.
We do not give their dogs fresh water.
We do not give their dogs adequate food.
We "overbreed" our dogs, "forcing" them to breed over and over and over again until they are withered husks - then they are killed when they can't breed anymore.
We sells puppies that are "genetically polluted" and are destined to sicken and die at an early age.
We do not offer their puppies and dogs any socialization.
We are a disreputable kennel because we do not allow people to visit to see "the real story" inside.

And that's how cyber-lynch mobs are formed.  Like-minded animal rights fanatics read these unfounded accusations and they immediately share them with others on social media as truth.  New Designs Kennel has received anonymous threatening e-mails which include death threats. New Designs Kennel has received anonymous phone calls threatening the safety of their dogs.  New Designs Kennel has had predator drone-style overhead photographs of the facility published with all sorts of wild suppositions about them and vile statements made.

Are these accusations true?  Of course not.  But here's the rub.  The accusations against New Designs Kennel DON'T HAVE TO BE TRUE!  They just have to incite outrage and people all over the world can sit safely behind their computer key boards and spout lies and accusations that others believe.  The wilder and more perverse the stories - the more they are shared and expanded. Oh yes - the stories continue to grow and become even more perverted.

Today's social media is yesteryear's Wild Wild West.  It is lawless, wild, raw and unforgiving.  Lies are spread.  Reputations are ruined.  Jobs are lost.  Families are split.  All because of cyber-bullies who rejoice at their "victories."

New Designs Kennel has decided to take back the conversation and let the truth be told instead.  The bullies and liars will not win this round.  WE tell the truth with facts and pride.

We are breeders.  We are proud.

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