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Sex, Lies and New Designs Kennel

by Nancy Carlson on 09/06/15

There seems to be a lot of question lately on social media as to the condition of our adult dogs in our kennel.  A young woman has decided - without ever speaking to me or asking questions directly to me - that we keep our dogs outside, without food, water, protection or care.  That we somehow force our dogs to breed against their will, exposing them to rape and torture.  And she started a blog to state all of the abuse she is sure occurs in our kennel. She is deluded.

Oddly enough - she's the only person in many years of operating our kennel who has ever had a complaint against us - and she's never seen our dogs or our puppies, with the rather odd exception of a set of predator-drone flyover photos of our property from several  years ago, which have been used and abused since they were taken.  She just sits and imagines how someone of her own mindset would abuse a dog - and then finds pictures on the Internet to support her fantasies and alleges they are true and that New Designs Kennel participates in this activity.

Taking her accusation of our dogs being kept as sex slaves and thinking about simple canine husbandry, a problem crops up quickly if examined closely:  You CAN'T force a dog to breed if they are not in the proper physical state of either accepting a male for breeding in the case of the female in heat, or of appropriate breeding activity shown by the male during her estrus. 

Dogs do not enter into breeding activity unless both of them are ready and able.  However, this is - again - something that professional breeders take to be so basic a fact as to not require explanation, but the lies persist. 

According to her, we also keep our dogs in small cages - outside - that are only six inches larger than the dog's body.  Again, she is deluded.

While it makes good press for her in her local paper, and it does bring in a bit of donation money to her for her "cause," it is simply not true. 

She accuses us and fund raises for herself with false statements that are blatantly untrue.  New Designs Kennel can't prove to the public that we keep our dogs in temperature-controlled facilities with a very high level of socialization and care without opening our kennels to a parade of strangers. That would be dangerous to our dogs.  It could introduce disease.  It would upset their schedule.  It would take us and our staff away from the daily care of the dogs in questions, directly and adversely affecting the care.  We won't do that.

If I post pictures of the New Designs Kennel facilities, they will immediately be put on social media and spin out of my control, and used in a manner most designed to harm the reputation of New Designs Kennel.  We will not do this.  The quality of our puppies is our best proof of our statements of care of our adults.

New Designs Kennel takes great care of their adults, puppies and their facilities. We are accused on a daily basis that we run a horrible Puppy Mill where our dogs live in squalor.  We can prove this is not true.  We are then accused of not socializing our adults or providing them a pleasant, enriched environment.  Again, we can also prove this is not true.  They we are accused of keeping our dogs as sex slaves, raping them or forcing them against their will.  Really?

The true point of her hatred of me is that I own my dogs and she does not.  The care and detail of her fantasies she publishes about the abuse and sexual exploitation of our dogs she imagines with such loving detail is close to a sick fetish.

New Designs Kennel raises happy, healthy, social puppies.  Our adults are comfortable, cared for and are competent parents.  We breed the best possible companion animals we are able, and will continue to operate a clean, legal, profitable kennel as long as we feel we want to. 

The people who purchase a puppy from New Designs Kennel know the truth.  Once a New Designs Puppy jumps into your arms, it will fill your heart with love.  And that's the truth.

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