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The Importance of Early Puppy Socialization

by Nancy Carlson on 10/03/15

New Designs Kennel is all about early puppy socialization.  From the day your puppy is born, we are in their faces - literally!  And here's the reasons why.

Puppies are born when they are small enough for the mother to deliver, but large enough to live outside of the womb.  For the next three weeks they are entirely dependent on their mothers for warmth, food and heat

Puppies are born with their eyes and ears sealed.  They cannot hold their own body temperature, nor do they urinate or defecate without their mother's stimulation.  They have a little internal drive that keeps them tummy down and noses towards their mother's tummy so they can find that important first milk, colostrum, and to be safe and warm.  "Resetting" that drive by holding the puppies, moving them and petting them is an important component to the first part of puppy socialization. 

From the moment they are born, we handle our puppies many times a day.  Even though they can't see us or hear us, they can taste us, smell us and feel us.  We breathe into their noses.  We let them taste our fingers and feel our caresses.  We hold them up like they are hotdogs, we let them toddle on our hands on their tummies, we hold them head-down for a second or two.  These slight stresses on a newborn puppy's life have a great benefit for them and their owners for the rest of their lives.

How, you ask?  These stresses cause the synapses in a puppy's brain to grow faster, to form more connections, and to stimulate learning and curiosity as they grow older.  Why is that important to you?  Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) has been proven to enable puppies to transition to their new homes easier, accept new experiences with less stress as they grow, be more trainable and more willing to accept training, and be able to form stronger bonds with humans than puppies who have not been offered  ENS experiences.

New Designs Kennel thinks the ENS - or as it's also known, the Super Puppy Socialization Program - is a real and has measurable results.  We are dedicated to providing our puppies and our customers with all possible benefits we know of.  ENS is one of those science-based programs that can make your dog's life - and your life with your dog - more fulfilling.

At New Designs Kennel we raise our puppies the best way we know how.  It's done with knowledge, care, compassion and lots and lots of love. 

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