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Vaccination Fascination

by Nancy Carlson on 08/09/15

You give too many vaccinations!  You don't vaccinate enough!  You can't give toy breed dogs a "full" shot - they only need a half dose!  My dog had a reaction to the vaccinations - I'm NEVER giving it another shot! "One and done" at 12 weeks is all that's needed for the life of a dog. Any more and it's just greedy vets wanting to make money!

These statements and more are what's floating around on social media nowadays.  What's all the fascination with vaccinations and what's the right answer? 

The answer for New Designs Kennel is to listen to the top canine virologists in the United States and to pattern our vaccination schedule around their recommendations.

Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper and Adenovirus 1 and 2 are the viruses most often vaccinated for.  Unprotected, these viruses can cause your dog to sicken and die quickly.  With proper vaccinations given at the right time, modern vaccines can virtually guarantee your dog will never contract these deadly viruses.  The vaccines are safe, easy to obtain, virtually 100% in effectiveness and affordable.  Why would anyone NOT vaccinate their pets if protection against these diseases is so easy? New Designs Kennel does not have an answer to that.  You can rest assured, however, that New Designs Kennel DOES vaccinate our puppies and our adult dogs in a manner recommended and overseen by our veterinarian.

When you purchase a puppy from New Designs Kennel, they will have had two sets of vaccinations.  We vaccinate at 6 and at 8 weeks of age, which begins the road to full protection prior to your new puppy coming home.  Since our puppies are weaned at 7 weeks of age, we vaccinate a week before and a week after weaning, allowing them the opportunity to start building antibodies on their own, and making sure that they are protected when maternal antibodies they received from nursing begin to drop after weaning. 

The two vaccinations your puppy has received are just the start of the vaccination schedule we recommend.  Most veterinarians will counsel that your new puppy continue to receive two more boosters, given at 12 weeks and 16 weeks.  It's important to remember that your puppy should never be allowed to visit a dog park or to socialize with dogs of unknown vaccination history until their boosters are completed and they are fully protected. 

Most viruses are transmitted through nose-to-nose contact with an infected dog, or contact with urine or feces of an infected dog.  Keeping your puppy protected, while still making sure they are socialized can sometimes present a challenge.  New Designs Kennel suggests the following to make sure your new companion stays healthy and sound in mind and body:

1. Stay away from dog parks.  They are breeding grounds for disease and bad behavior.  While having your dog run happily through green grass without the restriction of leash or collar is attractive, find a fenced yard of a friend who has verifiable vaccination history on their dog and share their green space.  It's worth the effort to keep your puppy safe and sound. 

2.  Keep your puppy off the floor at the vet's office!  Not everyone brings healthy dogs to the doctor.  Keep your puppy in your arms or in a travel crate at all times when visiting the veterinarian.  Your puppy should only be placed on a sanitized exam table and be touched only by your veterinarian and/or technicians who have thoroughly washed their hands.

3. Bring your puppy to the groomers only after they have received all of their vaccinations (including rabies) from your veterinarian.  Most grooming shops will require a full history of vaccinations your dog has received.  If your grooming shop does NOT require vaccination histories - find a different groomer!

4. If you visit large pet stores, do so only when you carry your puppy in your arms at all times.  Don't ever put your puppy on the floor or on the checkout belt.  Remember: no nose-to-nose contact with any other dog prior to your puppy's vaccination protocol being completed.

We take canine health very seriously at New Designs Kennel.  When you purchase a puppy from us, you can be assured that we have started your new pet on their way to continued good health with our vaccination protocol.  We expect you to continue the work we have begun.

New Designs Kennel is committed to raising puppies to become happy, healthy pets.  Proper vaccinations at the proper age is an important step to achieve that goal.

Canine Nutrition: How Important Is It?

by Nancy Carlson on 08/07/15

At New Designs Kennel, canine nutrition is one of the most important issues we address in the care of our dogs.  The quality of the dog food we provide our dogs and puppies will affect their entire lives.  We constantly read articles on feeding practices of other successful kennels, visit with canine nutritionists, ask questions, attend continuing education seminars and monitor the condition of the animals in our care to make sure their nutritional needs are being met.  It's what we do.

Why do we feed Eukanuba brand dog food?  New Designs Kennel has fed Eukanuba for most of our dog-raising lives.  Since 1979, Eukanuba has been the gold standard for canine nutrition.  While they have sold the company, changed their formulations many times and updated their manufacturing processes to keep pace with new science in canine nutrition, New Designs Kennel has found this particular brand of dog food to provide our dogs and puppies with the best quality dog food we can feed. Yes, it is very expensive, but we've found we can't afford to save money when it comes to the health of our dogs.

Eukanuba brand dog food has whole meat as its protein source.  This means that more of the food the dog eats is utilized and there is less waste produced.  Stools normally are firm and compact, easy to pick up and dispose of and (while no dog waste actually smells "good,") has less odor.  It does not have artificial colors, or excess sugar or salt to make it attractive to us and our dogs.  It doesn't have little orange squares or green balls to make it look like peas and carrots are included, nor is it dyed red to make it look more like meat.  It's just a very good, complete diet for the life of your new pet.

Whole meat is usually described as "meat meal."  As meat is mostly water, the meat is dried to a powder to be able to be processed into the kibble you feed your dog. 

"Meat by-products" is a lower tier protein source, and usually is meat as well as skin, tissues, sinews, and other, less pure meat items.  It is not as pure a protein source, but dogs can eat and thrive with a by-product protein source.  They will need to eat more to meet their needs, and their muscle tone and coat will not be as vibrant, and their waste will be larger in output and a bit softer in consistency.  This type of food can be found in grocery stores and is appropriate to feed.  Please make sure to check that there are not a lot of dyes or sugar added.

"Animal by-products" is the lowest tier protein source that is used in the pet food industry.  It can include any part of an animal and is dried, powdered and then used in pet food manufacture.  It can include beaks, feathers, skin, leather tailings, etc.  Dogs must eat a lot of this type of food to feel fulfilled.  To encourage animals to eat such food, a lot of salt and sugar and extra fat is added to make it palatable.  While we know we can feed our kids Twinkies and Totinos Pizza Rolls - and they will eat them willingly - we all know that this won't allow our young ones to grow and thrive and meet their adult potential.  It's the same with dogs.  This food is usually found in large discount stores and is manufactured carrying the store's own name as the brand.  We do not recommend this type of food for your new pet.

New Designs Kennel is dedicated to all aspects of exemplary canine care.  Nutrition is one of the most important and most basic needs of any species.  New Designs Kennel does not cut corners when it comes to the care of our dogs or puppies. 

When you purchase a puppy from New Designs Kennel, you can be assured that your new puppy has received the best care we are able to provide.  You will receive a Puppy Pack that has a food sample, dollars-off coupons the opportunity to contact Eukanuba for further money-saving offers.  A puppy care booklet and other information is also provided. 

New Designs Kennel cares about our dogs and puppies, and we care about you.  Feeding our adults and puppies the best dog food available ensures that your new pet has had the best start possible.  Don't be frugal when it comes to the quality of food you continue to feed your puppy after you receive it.  It will save you money in the log run.

So Why Do You Have So Many Puppies?

by Nancy Carlson on 08/06/15

It's a question that we are asked all the time.  "Why do you have so many puppies?  How do you take care of them? I heard that having different breeds means New Designs Kennel is a Puppy Mill!"

Well, we DO have a lot of puppies!  And we LOVE them!!!  We care for them all day, every day.  We play with them.  We socialize them.  We feed them.  We clean them. We care for them and we care ABOUT them!  New Designs Kennel is all about happy, healthy puppies that are offered for sale to wonderful families.  It's really as simple as that.

You have so many breeds at New Designs Kennel.  You must not be able to care for all of them.  Do you just breed for money and you don't care about your puppies? 

Please, folks.  Look at the photographs of our puppies.  What do you see?  They are untouched, not photoshopped, not altered in any way (I may adjust for brightness - we do want you to be able to see the puppy!).  If our puppies were suffering or were sick or uncared for in any way, anyone who looked at them would be able to tell.  Shiny coats, brilliant eyes, eager expressions all cannot be photographed without excellent care. 

Of course we care for our dogs!  How silly to insinuate otherwise!  People who post on social media as if they know all about us - don't.  It's in their best interest to make sure you don't buy a puppy from us.  Why?  Because they are selling puppies, too!  Whether municipal shelters or "Retail Rescue" organizations (those rescues that deal in high volume turnover and large numbers of foster homes), we are all in the same business:  selling puppies.  Whether you call it a sale (as we do) or an "adoption" (as they do), it's the same thing.  You choose a puppy and currency is exchanged. 

But I heard that anyone who had more than three breeds is a Puppy Mill!

Yeah.  I've heard that, too.  I don't believe it - because I live it every day!  We love dogs.  All kinds of dogs.  We have three main breeds here at New Designs Kennel, but we have several other breeds here as well.  We love them all.  We know you will love the puppy you purchase from New Designs Kennel, too, no matter what breed it may be.  Just remember: the people who say things like that protest that we have "too many dogs," but they sell dogs, too!!!

Every puppy at New Designs Kennel is well loved, well cared for, and sold to wonderful families who are looking for a wonderful life-time companion.

It's really just as simple as that.

Don't Be A Statistic!!

by Nancy Carlson on 06/26/10

We all love our dogs and love to take them with us everywhere.  They're just like our kids. They know how to push our buttons and make us feel guilty for leaving them behind.  It's gratifying to know that our dog would rather ride in the car with us rather than stay at home on their soft bed, right?  Since we are the owners and the dogs are... well,  the owned.... it's up to us to make the right decisions for their health and welfare rather than let our emotions do the talking. 

Taking your dog with you to the park or the beach can be a great time for everyone - as long as the beach or park allows dogs!  Getting thrown off a beach or out of a park can have a dampening effect on the fun of the day, to say the least.  Leaving your dog in the car can be life-threatening.  Just running into the store for a soda and snack and leaving your dog in the car for a few minutes can be dangerous to your pet

We have all heard the horrifying stories of dogs that are left in cars that have been found dead or dying from heat stroke.  It's a sad fact that even some children die this way each summer.  If you think - even for a moment - that you will out of the car for ANY reason, leave your dog at home.  Cars can become deadly ovens in just a few short minutes.  Any delay on your part can mean death for your best friend.  No one who has lost a pet in a hot car meant to kill their pet.  No one who has lost a dog from heat exhaustion meant to be gone more than just a minute or two. 

Dogs are unable to process excess body heat like humans.  They don't sweat like you and I do.  They pant and drool to keep their bodies at a controlled temperature, but the heat exchange capabilities are limited.  Particularly if the dog has any type of long hair on its body, being left in a hot car can mean death in a very short period of time.  Cracking the windows won't do any good, either.  There is not enough air moving from a cracked window to compensate for the sun beating down on the metal roof of the car and the heat generating up from the black asphalt parking lot. 

When you do take your best friend out for a summer walk in the park or a day playing at a dog-friendly beach, pack extra towels to dry sandy paws, water or ice cubes for a cooling drink and (if you have a pint-sized toy breed) a high-calorie snack after a long romp can keep blood sugar up and ensure a fun time by everyone. 

Stay cool during the summer and plan ahead to make sure your best friend does not suffer ill effects from overheating.  Don't be a tragic statistic.  Your dog will get over being left at home, but may not survive being left in the car.

Traveling With Your Pet

by Nancy Carlson on 05/29/10

The summer travel season has officially started!  It's time to get out of the city and enjoy nature at her finest.  On family trips, all family members - including Fido - can enjoy the experience and return home enriched and recharged.  With just a bit of prior planning, your dog will be safe and enjoy being with his favorite people no matter where you are at the moment.

One of the most common problems with traveling with your dog is diarrhea caused by different water sources, the stress of being in new places and the motion of traveling in the car.  This issue can be solved with some easy planning.  When on the road, only give your dog purified bottled water (stay with national brands as they will come from a common water source) to drink.  Plan on adding a bit of plain yogurt to your dog's diet if he is off feed for a couple of days.  It is easily found, quickly packed and will stay fresh in an ice cooler for several days. The extra treat will encourage your pet to eat more willingly and the active cultures in the yogurt will aid in keeping his digestion settled.  Training your dog to travel in a solid sized crate will keep him stress-free and comfy.  He can be "packed" in a convenient place in your vehicle and will always have his home around him.  If he suffers from motion sickness, packing him more in the middle of the vehicle will help and also giving him a dense-foam bed will absorb vibration and motion. 

Make sure that your dog is leash-trained and make sure he's on that leash securely before you take him out for exercise.  Don't ever let him run free in a strange place.  Even the most well-trained dog can bolt if he becomes startled or scared.  Walk your dog only in designated areas of motels or rest-areas and pick up after your pet each time - no excuses!

Finding dog-friendly resorts, motels/hotels and campgrounds is worth the search.  More and more vacation spots are becoming pet-friendly.  You and your dog will have the opportunity to meet new friends and see new sites.

Have a great trip!


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